Additional Information

Our clients are people who are tired of the big crowded gym scene. Elite Fitness Zone is a private facility that has limited membership so the facility is never over-crowded. We offer a convenient location, quality equipment, friendly and knowledgeable staff, plus luxury amenities such as towel service and complementary shampoo, etc..

  • Want to start weight training but feel intimidated?
  • Have a fitness goal, but don’t know where to start?
  • Need motivation to keep you on track to reach your fitness goals?
  • Do you even use that pool at the huge gym you belong to?

Come to the Elite Fitness Zone! We are committed to providing you with the best personal one-one-one training.

  • Our professional, knowledgeable, certified trainers will teach you how to use the equipment properly and safely so you’ll feel comfortable and won’t feel intimidated using it.
  • They will listen to your goals and create a personalized fitness plan that’s reasonable and attainable
  • They will keep you motivated and be there every step of the way so you can reach your personal goals.